About Claudia Clayton

Not many people have the opportunity to live in their purpose, but Claudia’s purpose was love – and she was love. Her love emitted off of her like beams of light. She loved her kids, she loved your kids. She loved God, she loved those who didn’t know God in the same way she loved her pastor. She was light. 

Claudia’s growth was beautiful. She worked to help end the stigma surrounding mental health by speaking out and being open about her own mental illness. She wanted her depression to help cure someone else’s. Her battle with her illness was difficult, but everyday she fought. Eventually, she stopped having to fight alone and she built a tribe that fought with her. Her family and her friends knew of her illness and worked with her, daily. 

On May 30th, 2019, we lost Claudia Clayton to suicide. Before her passing, she left a mark on this world and made it her purpose to be a light in so many dark places. She was, and is, a gift to so many. 

She is the reason for The Black Light Foundation. Her willingness to fight, and her decision to use her mental health as a light for others are why this foundation is so important. Her life was light, and this foundation was created so her light can live on. 

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