Meet the Founders

Meet the three founders of The Black Light Foundation, and read why this organization is meaningful to them.

Jalah Clayton

President, Health Professional

“I choose to remember my mom for the abundance of light she brought into my own life; understanding that the light that lived within her was under constant attack by the darkness brought by her demons. My prayer is that The Black Light Foundation may carry on mom’s legacy, reminding us all that we are capable of walking in the light, not to be defined by the darkest parts of us. “


Mahogany Clayton

President, Marketing

I hope this foundation is intentional in helping those living with mental illness as well as those who have survived the suicide of a loved one. Her passing was a catalyst for change. I want to create something that shines a light on the darkness that is mental illness. I want this foundation to embody the perfection that was my mom. I want The Black Light Foundation to surpass our dreams and make her proud, and make her life even more monumental than it already was.”

Tristan Marrow

Vice President, Treasurer

While this Foundation is built on her memory, I hope to use this as a platform to impact anyone willing enough to be brave and share the light we all possess within. Through storytelling, empowerment, and awareness we will help others discover their own inner light. If my cousins/sisters and I can impact the life of just one person the way our Aunt/Mother has impacted our lives, we know we’ll have made a difference.

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